Why people play poker.

Poker being a game has a lot of people engaging in it. As much as it could be fun to play it, there many different reasons as to why people play it. Not everyone plays poker for the same reason. Different people have different personal reasons as to why they play poker. This article aims at looking at some of the reasons behind some people playing poker.

To pass time. 

There are people who just need something to keep them busy. They just playing judi online as a leisure activity. They are not into poker for the profits like some people. They are just bored and want to find something to do for a little while. People who play poker just to pass time are the best opponents you could face because they most of them do not apply skills and your chances of winning are high because they are not aggressive, ruthless and relentless players. Most of these people are not bothered even if they end up losing while playing poker because their focus is not on the profits that come with playing poker.

Some play to feed their egos.

There are times when your ego feels great by just beating your opponents in poker. The feeling of winning makes you feel better than others. These kinds of players do not find joy in winning the money but in beating their opponents. They only worry about how bad their ego will be bruised if they lose. Their main concern is on what others will think. All they need is the best possible edge. 

To mingle with others.

When playing people, you get to meet and interact with many new faces. There are people who are very social and find poker as a way of them meeting many people and mingling with the.

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