May 14, 2021

Tips to Avoid Losing on Casino Games and Become A Better Bettor

Loss in gambling is normal. You must never feel embarrassed. This doesn’t mean you should keep losing whenever there is a way to avoid it. A little knowledge can help to transform your luck and become a better bettor. If you are willing to change then here are some efficient tips to apply on betting sites like Shaftscore. 

Avoid slot machines

Slot machines are designed to make money for casino owners. So, how hard you try the chances to win is negligible. A percentage of each bet made is taken by the slot machines. Besides, it has the highest house edge. You will soon see that your bankroll starts vanishing. You may win some spins but the losses outweigh what the machine gives back. There are no strategies that can change the way slot machines operate, so it is useless to play. Loses playing slot machines come with the territory, so play it for fun without the concerns of losses.

Stay away from roulette

Roulette is simple but results are similar to slots. Let’s understand with an example. You wager $50 on red space and when the ball lands on it you win $50 and even receive your $50 back. If the ball falls on black or green space, you lose. 

The roulette table has 37 spots out of which 18 are red. It means you get an average chance to win 18 times out of 37. If you make 37 wagers, it will cost $1850 and if you win 18 times you receive $1800. It indicates you lose $50 on every 37 spins. This is the reason you must stop playing roulette and save your bankroll even if you are tempted by the offered betting bonus

Card games allow strategizing

The majority of table games are not good for bankroll but if you know how to apply strategy then go for blackjack. Mastering the blackjack game takes a lot of work and years. Besides, if the casino owners learn you are a pro, they don’t allow you to play. Pro blackjack players are skilled at counting cards and earn real money. 

If you are new to the casino landscape then you can start playing baccarat. Even if you lose cash the amount will be less but ensure to make the smallest bet and that too on the banker hand. Poker is also a strategic game and needs a learning curve to become a pro just like mastering blackjack. 

Choose sports betting

Sports betting on Bet365 platform offer wide gambling options than casino card games. You gain a lot of freedom. For example, you can wager on a sports team that will lose or win the match. It is 2 out of 3 possible outcomes of the match. People even bet on a variety of variables associated with the game, whereas in poker you can bet on cards in your hand. Sports betting is easy for new wagers than poker. Card games are technical and need players to follow the rules. 

Learn how to handle losses and losing streaks, which can make your bankroll, vanish in minutes!

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