Singapore Pools Betting: Understanding Exotic Horse Bets

Many Singaporeans and Malaysians who are into sports betting love placing their wagers through Singapore Pools and Sportsbook Malaysia. It is their specific love for sports like horse racing that make this game more exciting and fun. To this date, horse races are at the top of the most loved game by many bettors. Through this, they create an opportunity for themselves to maximize their earnings and potential to win.

However, there are still significant risks and consequences in playing exotic horse betting. To better understand them, continue reading this article.

What are Exotic Horse Bets?

When one hears this, parlays always come next. This requires bettors to guess the exact finishing order or the winning result of the horses in a race. The saying always goes like this when playing online casino games and online betting: the higher the risk, the greater the reward turnout.

Exotic horse betting involves many combinations in predicting which horse shall win. It takes ample research and study to formulate profitable strategies and luck to beat the odds potentially.

Types of Exotic Horse Bets

  1. Horizontal Exotic Bet – an exotic bet that enables bettors to place their wagers on horses that they think will get first place in two to six races.
  2. Vertical Exotic Bet – in this betting type, predicting the correct finishing order is the aim. When one correctly bets on the right order, the person wins the prize. However, there are still several types of this, and they are the following:
    • Exacta
    • Trifecta
    • Superfecta

The now professional bettors that place their wagers in this game had spent enormous time studying how things take place. It isn’t as easy as simple predicting. But with enough research, experience, and good bankroll management, bettors are said to make informed decisions when they gamble on exotic horse betting.

Check out this infographic by CM2Bet to learn more.

Singapore Pools Betting Understanding Exotic Horse Bets
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