How do the world’s best poker players keep winning – even without strong hands?

It’s safe to say that poker is a complex game. It’s even confusing to many people! Therefore, as a rookie, it’s not always obvious how the best players keep on winning hand after hand. This is even more curious when you consider that they don’t even need strong hands to build up streaks!

With that in mind, what are some tips and ideas that we can take from the best players and their strategies? Nothing is ever set in stone as far as poker success is concerned. However, by employing the best tactics from the start of play, you can prepare yourself for big wins.

Plan your hands

Yes, this may sound difficult, particularly as no one really knows what cards they are ever going to draw at any given point. However, there’s a difference between throwing out any hands you can possibly make and carefully planning ahead.

As anyone who is deep into poker will tell you, knowing all the potential hands in the game is a massive power play. Have some idea in mind regarding the hands you want to build, and then stick to these avenues. It’s also a good idea to have back-ups, of course, should the cards not deal your way.

Practice makes perfect

Obviously, this is a well-worn piece of advice. However, reading up on how to play poker, or watching videos, is much different from actually playing the game and trying out your skills. One of the best things that you can do to brush up on hands and more is to play poker online.

You could head to an NJ online casino, say, and set low bets to get a feel for the game. Resorts Casino has a superb poker playground for you to get into. If you’re set on making big money from real-life tables, then it makes sense to cut your teeth online first.

Think passive

Many poker players will tell you that they generally split into two types. These are aggressive and passive. Aggressive players will try to take command of the game and chase strong hands or play without consideration. Passive players look at the table rather like a chessboard, choosing to be careful with their facial tells and, as mentioned, planning hands ahead of time.

Passive play means that you likely spend more time observing the table and your players. Aggressive play means that you are making big moves and are looking to win big on every hand. By playing passively, you can stand to fold a few times just to get a measure of who you’re up against.

Crucially, poker is a game that is more complex than a simple set of rules will have you believe. We all play the game slightly differently! Therefore, take your time to explore the potential hands at your disposal, and look at the players you’re up against. You could be winning sooner than you know it.

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