Basic glossary of slot games to know

Slot games are the widely popular casino games that you can find in almost all online casinos. If you are confident with the following terms, you can play the game easily without any doubts.

Classic slots – These are the pioneers of slot gaming. During the initial stages of slot gaming, the machines would consist of only three reels and one pay line. So, the possibility of winning the game would be high. So, the winning amount would always be less compared to other slot games. As they are acting as the pioneers, these are known as classic slots.

Coin size – It is another name given to the bet required to play a slot game.  If you wish to play a slot game of coin size 10, you would have to buy ten coins by paying the desired amount in cash. You will get ten coins that you can put through the slot available in the machine. If you are playing digitally, you can deal with everything with few clicks. Games with smaller coin sizes would be more profitable. However, the probability of winning would be less in these games.

Slot theme – For several years, the slot machines used the only boring backdrop of shapes, colors, and irritating music. However, the modern-day slots have been updated and you can witness each slot representing something specific to attract the group of players who are attracted to that specific thing. It could be a movie or an adventure that is popular in the outside world. The elements of this popular theme would be there in the slot game and the players would go to try the game at least once to have the experience of dealing with the thing they love. Instead of the previous boring backdrop, the themed slots are getting several new players for the slot game. So, almost all modern slots are using slot themes.

Fixed jackpot – As the name suggests, there will not be any movement in the prize amount of the slot game you play. If it is set at $150 for the character, you will get $150 whatever happens. Either you will win this amount or you will go empty-handed. Usually, all other slot games except progressive slots have a fixed Jackpot.

Random Number Generator – Since you would have to play using your mobile or computer, you would be wondering how do all those values like numbers or characters come up when you complete an action. It is because of an in-built algorithm called the random number generator that would help bring a set of random characters whenever a need arrives. For instance, if you click on the spin button of a slot machine, the pay line would end up showing three or five characters. These are created by the RNG and no one could guess what would be the next set of characters. If there is a live dealer casino, RNG is not needed as there would be a person dealing the cards or other equipment.

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