5 Ways to Get the Best Online Casino Bonuses in Singapore

Many things contribute to playing casino games online being popular in Singapore, with one of the main ones being the chance for players to win real money.

Of course, another important factor is the opportunity for new visitors to be treated well by choosing a reputable site. That’s why it’s so important for sites like  Winbig7, which are licensed and regulated, to provide new visitors with a sign-up bonus and other promotions.

The trick is knowing the best ways to take advantage of these welcome opportunities. Here are five simple things you can do:

Don’t put too much faith in claims of free money.

Many websites make outlandish promises about casino bonuses that are too good to be true. Most probably are.

The concept is enticing for players who are new to online gambling or aren’t familiar with the different types of promotions available, but not every offer should be taken at face value.

Before signing up and making a deposit, do some research and determine which casinos offer the best promotions. The best online casinos in Singapore provide unbiased and detailed reviews of online gambling sites, so you know exactly what type of offers to expect beforehand.

Don’t take on casino bonuses you can’t afford to lose.

Another common mistake that new players make is accepting all the free cash offers they can get their hands on.

The idea seems to make sense: if you spend a lot of money getting these bonuses, you will have enough funds to last for a good while before blowing through your bankroll. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out this way in practice.

Many players figure that since there is no deposit or sign up fees, they might as well take advantage of every single promotional offer available and play with all the free money they can get. The problem is that it’s extremely difficult to keep track of these balances, especially if playing multiple games with different casinos.

As a result, players are often left in the red with no idea how much they actually owe, and in the worst-case scenario, they may actually be in debt to an online casino. The moral of the story: take only what you can afford to lose!

Watch your withdrawals – it’s not just about luck.

Another big mistake that players make is spending all their time trying to win money on gambling sites rather than actually playing. It’s an easy mistake to make, especially since so many of these free money offers to require you to wager a certain amount before cashing out.

Instead of trying to win, players focus on simply reaching this playthrough requirement so they can take their winnings and go home.

It isn’t just about luck: it’s about knowing when to quit.

The goal should be to try and win as much as possible, not just get the playthrough requirement met. The only reason you should accept a casino bonus offer from, say, Winbig7 site is to increase your chances of winning money.

If you meet the wagering requirements and still don’t have enough funds to cash out, there’s no point in playing the game with what you have left.

Calculate your expected return before making a deposit.

As mentioned, it’s important to play with only what you can afford to lose. However, this rule applies to all players of online casino games – even high rollers. It is absolutely crucial that you don’t play with any money you aren’t 100% prepared to lose, especially when it comes to high stakes games.

In most cases, the best online casinos in Singapore have a minimum and maximum wagering requirement in place. This is because they need a certain amount of time to determine whether or not a player is actually good for the winnings that they accept from them.

If the player does not end up meeting this requirement, they will lose their bonus and any winnings associated with it.

Be smart about your bonus usage.

If it is possible, online casino bonuses should be used under specific circumstances. For example, low rollers might want to only accept the free money offers with a small playthrough requirement and a high maximum cash out. That way, they can get in for cheap and hopefully walk away with a decent return once they meet the wagering requirement.

Higher rollers might want to take advantage of larger bonuses with longer playthrough requirements so that when they do win, their return is significantly higher than what it would be if they played with just their own money.


Take the time to ensure that the site you are visiting meets all these qualifications before signing up and making a deposit. As long as it does, it should be well worth the effort to give them your business.

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