June 3, 2021

What kinds of bonuses and rewards an online casino would provide?

A Slot online Terpercaya website would give you several bonuses from the moment you join the casino. Let us look at some kinds of these bonuses and rewards you can expect from the online casino.

Welcome bonus – You can claim this bonus on a casino when you join it by depositing the required amount of money. As finding the customer capable of depositing money on the site is the difficult portion of customer acquisition, these casinos have come up with the idea of providing a bonus to whoever deposits on the site. You can know the size of the bonus if you have your deposit amount in mind. There will be a minimum amount you have to deposit on the site and the bonus percentage will also be fixed. If the requirement of the initial deposit is $100 and the bonus is 50% of it, you can start playing the games with $150 in your account. However, the bonus will be more if you start with a hefty sum greater than $100. Likewise, each casino will provide different sizes of joining bonuses for new customers. 

Cashback bonus – You can claim this bonus while you are already being a member of the casino. Usually, the casinos will offer a cashback bonus for people who are losing more than a specific limit in a row. There will be a specific amount set as the threshold for losing on the site. If you cross this threshold and are still losing, you will get ten or twenty percent of the lost amount credit back to your account. However, there is no compulsion for an online casino to give cash back to the losing people for sure. They could give or not according to their policies and the situations. The size of the cashback may also get varied from casino to casino. 

Referral bonus – As the name suggests, you can claim this bonus by referring someone else to the casino. If you can convince your friends and make them deposit in the same casino where you are being a member, you will get a reward from the casino. Since you are involving in the marketing activities on behalf of the casino, the referral bonus would be of higher amounts. You need not stop after making one person deposit on the site. You can earn as much as you bring people to the website. Almost all casinos offer this type of bonus. Sometimes, the rewards would be cash and sometimes, they would be free spins or something else. 

High deposit bonus – There will not be any specific limits for the players to deposit on a casino website. So, some people would go with fewer amounts, while others would go with hefty sums. As there is a difference between regular customers and those who play for leisure, the casinos offer a bonus to the former. 

No deposit bonus – Some casinos ignore the necessity of depositing to be able to play the games. 

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